Computer Resources For Students and Low-Income Families

Due to the COVID 19, now more than ever it is important to stay connected, and safe. As more of us are working and learning from home, finding the resources we need can prove to be difficult as we all move forward. With this in mind, the chamber has compiled a listing of free, low cost, and borrow-able computer providers as well as affordable internet options. We hope this list is of some assistance and will update as more information becomes available. Thank you.

Executive Order 12999, "Educational Technology. Ensuring Opportunity for All Children in the Next Century directs agencies-to the extent permitted by law and where appropriate-to transfer computers and related peripheral tools determined to excess to the needs of the agency directly to schools, nonprofit educational organizations." The order also "....encourages Federal employees to volunteer their time and expertise to assist teachers and to connect classrooms."

  • Students

  • Teachers

  • Individuals

  • Family

  • Seniors

  • Non Profits


*The California City Chamber does not endorse these companies or the services they provide. Resources provided are for informational purposes only. CFL

The CFL website enables schools and educational nonprofit organizations to obtain excess computer equipment from federal agencies. FREE

Computer Technology Assistance Corp. CTA

Helps with employment skills, improves access to computers and education.

Computers With Causes 

Helps schools, and individuals. Computers are limited. Minimum 30 day waiting period for board approval. Click here for more information and to start the application process. FREE

Computers for Classrooms CFC

Refurbished computers, laptops, and tablets provided at an extreme discount. 0-$250.

Free to Lowcost Internet/Wireless Access for Students and Families

Comcast Providing Free Educational Resources

Cspire Wireless Providing free hotspot access. National

Spectrum Internet Assist

Internet Service for Low Income Students

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