We are inviting everyone, and any group, interested in cleaning up our city. Every piece of trash picked up, tree trimmed, weed pulled, corner made neat and smile given leads to a positive.  

-Kick off will be April 6.  

-Dumpsters will be available in two locations every Saturday throughout month of April from 8 - 12 noon. 

-Locations are next to the Fire Station at 20890 Hacienda Blvd and next to the city yard at 7800 Moss Ave.

-Asking all clubs, organizations, churches, and neighborhoods to pick an area to clean during the month of April. When possible, coordinate with events already planned in the month of April. See the Chamber of Commerce community calendar for events. 

-Operation CommUNITY will be held twice a year - April and October. 

By working together we can all smile about our city.

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Clean up Saturdays:

Apr. 6   - Residential

Apr. 13 - Residential

Apr. 20 - Residential

Apr. 27 - Residential and

             Hazardous Waste*

              (one day only)

*Industrial Paper Shredder available at Municipal Airport Location. Up to 5 Banker Boxes full of papers can be shredded.

Event time 9 a.m.-12 p.m. 

California City Chamber of Commerce

8001 California City Blvd.

California City, CA 93505



Office hours: M-F 10-2:00


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