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People are often surprised to learn that California City is one of the top birding spots in southern California. The development of parks and golf courses in our city in the 1960s created welcome habitat for birds migrating along the Pacific Flyway.  These "migrant traps" often host vagrants that have been blown off course. To date 43 warbler species have been seen.  Over 360 species have been recorded in the habitats of Central Park and Galileo Hill.  


California City can easily be your center for a birding weekend. The "Desert Loop" covering Butterbredt Springs, and the city's Central Park and Galileo Hill, is popular with those in the know. Birders come to experience a "Best in the West" migration phenomena ranging into the 1000s of individuals per morning.

Local Bird Species of Interest:

  • Lawrence's Goldfinch 

  • Le Conte's Thrasher 

  • Bell's Sparrow 

  • Mountain Quail 

  • Verdin 

  • Scott's Oriole 

  • Chukar 

Below you will find links to birding within the city and the surrounding mountains and valleys


(Please note that Silver Saddle Club at Galileo Hill graciously allows birders on their property and that birders need to check in at the front desk. Ask for a map and where it is ok to bird.  No groups on the weekends.  Please remember, that paying members, who are usually there on weekends, are there to play and have fun.)










An excellent resource for those birding locally is this guide. Click to view and download.

Birds of East Kern County


The city's California Quails birding club is a small but welcoming group.  The Quails informative brochure is helpful to those new to birding:  Basic Guide to Birds of California City


Peak seasons:

  • Spring western migration period - Mid April into early June (Apr 25-May 25 peak period)

  • Spring vagrant period - May into early June (mid May into early June peak period)

  • Fall western migration period - August through October (September into October peak period)

  • Fall vagrant period - September and October (peaks variable within the same period)

eBird links to the "Desert Loop"
Galileo Hill​
Central Park
Butterbedt Springs
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