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Welcome Burning Man artists!  

This is California City's inaugural year for hosting visiting, public art.  The idea to provide free display space to Burning Man Art was introduced to us by fellow Burner, Thomas Kaufmann of OTOJOY.  This wonderful idea gives artists an alternative to burning their art or having to pay to store it where few can see it.  The hope is that, instead, the art will bring joy to the community, inspire local artists, delight our children, and draw Burning Man and art fans to visit our city.
The idea was solidified on August 6th of 2016.  This meant the schedule was tight to seek approval from the city and private land owners and to drawn up the necessary forms and legal documents before Burning Man of that year.  The City Council voted, "Yes" on August 23rd and a number of private land owners are also on board.  We at the Chamber of Commerce are very excited to work with you but please remember that this is new territory for us.

Below you will find links to all the documents that pertain to this project.  Please call or email us with any questions you have.  Our information and direct email are at the bottom of this page.
Public Service Announcement
Application of Interest - see below
Formal Application (All the legal stuff...) 
Display areas are throughout the city and are mixed
city and private property.  which agreement you sign
depends of where your art will be displayed.
Agreement and application - City and Artist 
Agreement - Private Property Owner and Artist 
Arial showing display areas
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