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California City is located on the western edge of the Mojave and at the base of where the Sierra Nevada range and the Piute and Tehachapi Mountains converge.  Those that know, stop a few moments each day to take in the vast 360° view, watch the sun rise on another bright blue day, or sit just a little longer to watch the twilight curtain drop to the horizon in soft sections of blue, purple, and pink.  


For details on how to spend your time, click one of the boxes below.


Quiet, no railroad or highway noise.



- Best Western Hotel

- Silver Saddle (Sun-Thurs only, call first)



- Red Rock Canyon SP



- Sierra Sands

- Silver Saddle

- Borax Bill













National Chain Stores










Other Services












-Pets/Dog Park















-Fast Food

Annual Events


-Juggers of the Wasteland                               Winter Games

-Tortoise Preserve Naturalist                                             Season

-Tortoise Days  

-CCAC Arts by the Lake

-Whiptails Pro Baseball Season

-Garden Tour

-Classic Car Show

-Wasteland Weekend

-Renaissance Fair

-Plane Crazy Too

-Holiday Village


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