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Californai City has all the activities you would expect for your children
Boy Scouts
Girl Scouts
Youth League Sports
Summer Swim Lessons
Summer Soccar Camps
Story Hour at the Library
Clubs at the Library
Ideas for fun or outings:
  • Ice cream cone at RiteAid 
  • Bike ride or walk on one of the many dirt roads leading out into the desert
  • Visit the play group in Central Park
  • Feed the ducks Central Park (Lettuce/greens are good, bread is bad.)
  • Hike to the top of the south Twin Butte or the top of Galileo Hill - Butte Bagging
  • Drive to Randsburg to check out a living ghost town. Have mildshake or old fashioned fundtain drink while there. (Genral Store closed on Wednesdays.)
  • Explore Red Rock Canyon State Park.  Camp in their other worldly campground or just rent to spot for the evening to build a fire and make smores.
  • Sit together at night and look for and count satellites, or constelation, ...or stars.
  • Eat at Foxy's at the airport knowing that many of the sound effects for all of the Fast and Furious movies where recorded on and around the runway.
  • Take in a highschool sports game.
  • Visit the Borax museum and the world's largest Boron mine.
  • Stand under a giant B-52 right outside the north gate of Edwards AFB.
  • Feed wild mustangs and burros carrots at the BLM facility on 178 east of Ridgecrest.
  • Sign up for a tour (3mi hike) of the Native American Tomo Kani site. 
  • If you what to camp in a forest, concider Tehachapi Mountain park.
  • Watch a surise or sunset together.  We have some of the best.
  • Fly a kite.  
  • Volunteer
  • Attend our annual events.
  • Check Parks and Rec for classes, camps, and activities.
  • More to be added.
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