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For more detail on the other hills and buttes in our city, please refer to the map in this link.  You can easily zoom in for a better view.

Butte Bagging

Bag one or bag all.  A number of buttes fall within our vast city limits.  All provide awesome 360° views.  See the dry lake bed and flight line on Edwards Air Force Base that witnessed the breaking of the sound barrier and where cutting edge flight testing continues.  Take in the view of the southern most Sierra Nevada to the west. On a clear day, most are, look for Telescope Peak and the Panamint Range that rise between us and Death Valley to the northeast, Olancha Peak in the high Sierra to the north, and Mt. Baldy and even San Gorgornio in the San Bernardinos to the south.  Or, just take in the peace of the desert as you watch the sunrise or set.


Below is a map showing most of the buttes you will discover in our city.  Some have been labled on the map.  Three, South Butte, the butte just north of Castle, and Galileo are great for family hikes.  


Map data by OpenStreetMap, under ODbL  

© Stamen Design, under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 3.0) license.

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