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Desert Tortoise Research Natural Area

Desert Tortoises are shy and elusive.  Consider yourself very lucky when you see one.  The preserve is where you have the best chance of doing so. 

While you are in the preserve you can follow educational trails that inform about the plants and animals that share the space with the tortoises.


For directions and details:  Desert Tortoise Reserach Natural Area

News & Events

Save The Date!


Join DTRNA Monday, July 19th, at 7 p.m. for an evening Zoom workshop on macro photography with photographer Tom Astle.

Whether your outdoors is the Mojave Desert or simply your own balcony or backyard, macro photography is a great way to discover and appreciate the smaller things in life — insects and spiders, frogs and lizards, flowers and lichens.

Tom's talk will feature exclusively SoCal images, including a number from the Desert Tortoise Research Natural Area.

The evening is open to all ages and experience levels, from smartphone users to people with DSLR or mirrorless cameras (or those thinking of buying one).  

For those who would like to attend and/or learn more please click here.


The workshop is free of charge, but if you enjoy the evening, we encourage anyone who’s able to make a donation to the Desert Preserve Committee.

Click here to learn more about your local DTRNA Committee!

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