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Driving Tours

Is sight seeing via your car more your thing than lacing up a pair of hikers? Want to explore even though it is a hot or windy day? Maybe you want to take in sights while on a motorcycle tour. These self guided driving tours are an excellent solution.

Wildflower/Plant Tours


The richest and most diverse flora of the Mojave Desert is found in the western part where the elevation is higher. This link takes you to our wildflower page and driving tours.

Wildflower Tour

The Biggest, Fastest, Oldest, Smallest, to Biggest


Start your  trip on at the Rio Tinto Borax Mine visitor center.  The displays give insight into what all is made with boron and how the plant operates. Make sure to walk outside to the observation platform to take in the view of the largest boron mine in the world.  

As you drive down highway 58 you will go past Edwards AFB to the south.  This is where Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier. These skies have also been witness to the SR-71 Blackhawk flying at mach 3!

Take a breather from highway traffic and turn onto California City Blvd going north. Here you can easily turn off on a dirt road to inspect a Creosote Bush, one of the oldest living species on earth.  If you want to stretch your legs a bit more, hike up the southern Twin Butte for a great veiw of the dry lakebed that is home to the Edwards flight testing.  

While stopped look at smaller shrubs for the tiny flutter of the world's second smallest butterfly, the Western Pygmy Blue. Peak season is in the fall when they feed on fall blooming shrubs.

After a stop in town for lunch or a refreshment, continue on California City Blvd to 14 south and Mojave.  Here you can drive through the largest wind farm in the world.  A drive on Oak Creek Rd gives up close views of old and new turbines. 



For the Birds 

Serious birders in California and beyond have long known that Califronia City is a super hotspot for birding.  


Where to Bird 

Check back for details on the following tours as we keep adding information:


Twenty Mule Team


Movie Location Tour


From the Kawahiisu to Nat Mendelson

Areospace History - Yesterday to Today

Edwards AFB just on the other side of Highway 58 on our city's border, is rife with test flight history. To the southwest of California City, Mojave Spaceport has witnessed the ??? of the Rutan brothers and is making spaceflight for the public a reality.


How many stops you make on this tour depends on if you have a military ID or if you are able to reserve a spot on an Edwards AFB tour.  No ID and the tours are booked?  No worries.  


Boron - Saxon

North Gate - tours 

Butte for veiw

Look to skies for planes from Edwards and Mojave

Mojave Spaceport

Geology of the Fremont Valley 

Jawbone, Red Rock, Koehn, El Pasos and Rands, to Buttes

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